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“Security Fog Protection”

"Safer Work Environment"  
“That Technically Costs Nothing”

Watch this Service Station Robbery Caught on CCTV

this could have been avoided and stopped if a

Security Fog Cannon

had been installed and activated 

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Tel: (09) 272 3786 

The Security Fog Cannon when activated

fills the room in seconds with a dense, thick, white, fog

which is non toxic and certified food grade

intruders flee & you can hide in the fog

Dairy Shop Armed Holdups & Violent Attacks Increasing

Armed Robberies Rise 22% in West Auckland

Aggravated Robberies and Armed Holdup Waitakere 

Now Up 200% in Rodney, - Link Here to Read More

Security Fog Provides the Solution 

60 Month Business Term Finance Available
100% of the GST refunded upfront (cash bonus) 
The finance Interest is 100% Tax Deductible
in your company assets register 20% per year
therefore 100% written off over the 60 month finance term
You own it 100% and repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Alternatively you can pay at time of ordering

cash, eftpos or credit card accepted

“Buy Now ! 
Instead of Paying This Money in Tax to the Government”
“Protect your Staff and Business with Security Fog”

Dont wait until you have been robbed, or attached, or half beaten to death or end up suffering longterm trauma or injury, this is a tax deductible expense to your business, your business will increase in value and you will provide a safer working environment for your customers, for you, your family and staff 

80sqm Shop (Approx $5.67/day)
150sqm Shop (Approx $6.65/day)
250sqm Shop (Approx $8.41/day)

400sqm Warehouse (Approx $12/day)

Finance Company Interest 100% Tax Deductible

Fog Cannon Depreciated 20% per Year

Prices Depend on Quantity of Remotes or Panic Buttons Required

Size of Shop or Warehouse, Power Supply & Fog Cannon Mounting

Conditions Apply, Prices Subject to Finance Acceptance

Call Now: 0800 FOG 111

0800 364 111
(09) 272 3786


"Activated via Panic Remote Buttons and/or Burglar Alarm"

"Wrist Strap Remotes or Pendant Remotes"

"Foot Step On Wireless Panic Remotes"

"The Fog is Released Instantly ! "

"In 5-10-20-30 Seconds - No Visability"

"Burglar (s) Forced To Flee"

"Fog Protection of Your Property"

"Can't Steal What They Can't See"

"Staff Safety Device"

"Stop Burglary Attempts in Seconds"

"Can Be Enhanced with Strobe Lights"

"Stops Any Number Of Intruders"

"The Room Fills with Fog In Seconds"

"Create Safe Areas To Hide"

"And the Burglar(s) Are Forced To Flee" 

"Completely Safe To Breath"

"No Toxic, minor Residue, no Smell"

"Certified Food Grade Fog Fluid"



Security Fog Generators - Fog Cannons

Fog Cannons - Made in Italy

Keyswitch Controller & Remotes - Made in New Zealand

Nationwide Service Within New Zealand

Call Now - 0800 FOG 111

0800 364 111

(09) 272 3786



1 Second after Activation the Fog begins to Release

This picture below is 2 seconds after activation

After 10-15-30 Seconds You See Nothing !

"Complete fog white out - no visibility"

Fog can be programmed to re-release

up to 5 times after first activation to maintain fog density

for up to one hour after the primary activation

We offer different sizes of fog cannons 

for businesses, shops and warehouses

and now also within homes, garages & sheds

"EOS Italian Fog Cannon Video Presentation"

View Live CCTV Footage of Jewellery Shop Robbery Attempt Stopped By Fog

View Live CCTV Footage of Tobacco Shop Robbery Attempt Stopped By Fog 

Call for more information, ordering, quotation

or discuss site demonstration

within your shop, busines or home

Nationwide Service

Tel: 0800 FOG 111

0800 364 111

Tel: (09) 272 3786


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