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"Violent Crime is Increasing

The Risk Of Attack & Longterm Trauma Afterwards Is Real

This can be avoided if you buy EOS Aura Fog Cannon"

Your Staff Safety is Paramount

Secure Your Business or Home

With High Density, Thick White Fog

Security Fog Cannons

Made in Italy

"EOS fog cannon"

the definitive anti-theft device

"Activated via Panic Remote Buttons and/or Burglar Alarm"

"Wrist Strap Remotes or Pendant Remotes"

"The Fog is Released Instantly ! "

"In 5-10-20-30 Seconds - No Visability"

"Burglar (s) Forced To Flee"

"Fog For Protection of Your Property"

"Staff Safety Device"

"Stop Burglary Attempts in Seconds"

"Can Be Enhanced with Strobe Lights"

"Stops Any Number Of Intruders"

"The Room Fills with Fog In Seconds"

"Create Safe Areas To Hide"

"And the Burglar(s) Are Forced To Flee" 

"Completely Safe To Breath"

"No Toxic, with No Residue or Smell"

"Certified Food Grade Fog Fluid"


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Security Fog Generators - Fog Cannons

Quality - Made in Italy

Nationwide Service Within New Zealand



1 Second after Activation the Fog begins to Release

This picture below is 2 seconds after activation

After 10-15-30 Seconds You See Nothing !

"Complete fog white out - no visibility"

Fog can be programmed to re-release

up to 4 times after activation to maintain fog density

Optional Internet interconnectivity app on your cellphone

and/or linked to monitoring station

to notify fog cannon activation and low fog fluid 

We offer different size models for home or business

"EOS Fog Cannon Video Presentation"

View Jewellery Shop Robbery Attempt Caught on CCTV

View Tobacco Shop Robbery Video 


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